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Welcome To A Chocoholic Fall/Autumn

15 Sep

Well it looks like autum 2012 is finally upon us once again here in little old England!


Autumn is what the British call Fall, by the way. But I’m sure your all smart enough to have known that, right?

The weather is doing it’s usual crazy unpredictable thing by raining one minute and blazing hot sunshine the next. But it’s definately cooling down for longer now. I think this year’s summer lasted about a month. Just in time for the Olympics and all those visitors.

Just today alone it was windy, cloudy, cold in the morning, then really hot and sunny at lunchtime and then it went back to cold and cloudy with rain in the afternoon. I always find it hard to know what to wear when I go out. If I go out without a coat I freeze and get wet but if I wear a coat I get baked in it.

I guess that explains why the Brits are sooo obsessed with talking about the weather all the time.

But never mind all that! I have far better things to share with you.

We have an unbelievable amount of new chocolates this year to try, review and enjoy. And with Christmas only a few months away I better get a move on, eh? ūüėȬ† !!!

I’m sure your dying to know about the latest new chocolates that have come out and what they are like. So¬†I can give you a quick clue to what’s coming up soon.

lindt has loads of new chocolate bars, Tango has teamed up with chocolate and popping candy and Mars bar goes 100% caramel.

And lots of last years favourites (mainly from Christmas 2011) have made a come back. Good news for those who really loved them and have been patient waiting for their return.

Tofiffe, Toblerone White and Kinder Schoko-Bons and more to come!

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Chocolate Worldwide Shipping Woes

18 Oct

I have had a lot of customers say to me after they look at my website for the first time that its a shame that my shop is in England as they would love to buy from me. These people are usually American but I have had a few people from other countries say the same thing.

I can’t understand that at all. This is because I Do ship orders worldwide!!! I have seperate pages with instructions on how to get the website to display your countries currency and how much postage will be. I have a page called Overseas Customers to explain how to use the currency converter dropdown and a Postage & Packing page to give you the prices for worldwide postage.¬† But still people don’t seem to realise I deliver to their home even if they live in another country. After many a sleepless night trying to figure out what to do I contacted my website host provider to see if they could create a section under the price to show at leat 2 other popular currencies.¬† But sadly their response was that they were not likley to do this as it was to complicated to design and create or something.


So as a remedy to make things a bit easy for people to see at a glance I will begin to included 3 most popular currencies in each product’s description. Which is the part of the website I can control.¬† I will be including prices for Euros, U.S.A. Dollars and Canada Dollars.

Anway, interestingly enough I was contacted by a regular customer who became a friend from Canada. Marilyne Jacobs was a regular customer of mine when I had a shop on ebay. She contacted me this week to see about buying chocolates from my website for the first time. I said I was having trouble with overseas customers trying to figure out how to shop with me. So she bought 2 bars of chocolates today and this is what she said to me about her shopping experience by email:

‘Hi Heather,

I just bought my chocolates on your website and it was very simple. I finally tried it! I don’t see how people can find it confusing, the shipping cost is calculated automatically and at the end you’re redirected to paypal and finish your payment. I did get a confirmation email too, which is a good idea of yours to send.

Best wishes¬† Marilyne’

So there you have it folks, I do ship orders to other countries outside of the U.K. and its easy to use my website and buy the English chocolates you really like.

These are some of thecountries I ship to:

Southern Ireland    France    Belgium      Portugal    Spain      Germany

Switzerland               Sweden   Denmark   Norway     Estonia   Lithuania

Czech Republic        Austria    Italy             Hungary   Greece     Malta

Slovakia                      Chile        Macedonia Slovenia   Romania  Latvia

Russian Federation    Ukraine Turkey        Turkic Republic       Israel

Singapore      Thailand     Japan    China    Australia    Canada      U.S.A.

If you visit my website or buy from me and you live outside the U.K. please let me know what you think of my service…

For the latest shipping postage prices:


UPDATE October 2016

If you don’t like this post then please feel free to read my other posts on this blog about chocolates.

Thank you for reading!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos

8 Oct

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos. Another new chocolate from Cadbury?

Well yes and no.

Yes because obviously Chocos are new from Cadbury, But no because, disappointingly, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocos is just regular Dairy Milk chocolate in pieces instead of a bar.

I was hoping they had a different flavour or a nice filling in the middle, like maybe a strawberry cream filling or something.         

But no, for some reason Cadbury in its wisdom thought to make their Dairy Milk chocolate bar into a roll of chocolate pieces and nothing more.

But don’t get me wrong, Chocos are still yummy especially as I like Dairy Milk. They are good if you want a handy sized roll of chocolate to pop into a pocket, bag, lunch pack, picnic or even party bags and at Christmas Chocos would be a great size to pop into a Christmas stocking. Or how about using them to decorate the top of a home made chocolate cake?

But Cadbury, Sorry, you really did lack in imagination on this one!