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Galaxy Orange and Shortcake

23 Oct

Galaxy Orange & Shortcake Chocolate Bar

I was quite pleased to see that Galaxy has brought out some new flavours.

About 7 yers ago I went through a phase of eating alot of Galaxy chocolates and it became my favourite. Cadbury was pushed aside and nearly forgotten (until easter 2007!)

I bought a bar of Galaxy Orange and Shortcake because I thought it sounded like an interesting combination. You usually get cookies and cream and Cadbury now has Bar of Plenty with Berry Fruits and Vanilla Shortcake.

(A title that is a mouthful all on its own, never mind the bar of chocolate!)

Now I was curious to see just how orangey it was going to be. Bearing in mind that Terry’s Chocolate Orange is proper orangey chocolate.

As you can see from the photo Galaxy has some nice pieces of orange in it as well as the shortcake biscuit pieces.

On first bite it doesn’t seem that orangey or even biscuity.

But I kept going back for more because Galaxy is yummy. About halfway through the bar it hits you that it is orangey. Orange and Shortcake does work well together and I would definately buy it again.

So if you are not looking for the full on orangeyness you only get from Terry’s Chocolate Orange but rather a delicious smooth chocolate ba with juicy orange pieces and crispy biscuits pieces then this one’s for you!

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