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Guylian Belgian Chocolate Praline Seashells Gift Box

25 Oct


Finest Belgian milk chocolates filled with hazelnut praline.


The Guylian Quality Signature.

Each Guylian Belgian Chocolate has the artist’s G signature.

This is our quality guarantee that you will have a superior chocolate experience.



Guylian is supporting Project Seahorse. A fantastic charity dedicated to saving and conserving the lovely little seahorses. 

This is what Guylian says:


Project Seahorse – Every time you buy Guylian Chocolates you are supporting Project Seahorse, an international Marine Conservation Organization. 

‘Saving the seahorses means saving the seas.’


For further information on Project Seahorse you can visit their website here:


A delicious luxury treat for anyone to enjoy, and your helping those adorable seahorses.

What could be better?


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Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Oreo Chocolate Bar

25 Oct


Milk Chocolate with a vanilla flavour filling and Oreo biscuit.


Contains: Milk, Wheat and Soya.

Suitable for Vegetarians.



Big on taste and big in size.

Tastes like this feels…like a Joyful Moment.



Another new chocolate bar from Cadbury. But is it really new? No, it’s not. They have done this bar before but smaller. 

So when Cadbury was bought out by the American giant Mondelez International (originally Kraft foods) they could combine the British chocolate with American cookies and other famous treats.

Oreos was one of them. Now we find the dry, nasty tasting cookies mixed in with our very fine creamy milk chocolate. There is one thing Oreos is always going to need, and that is either dunking them in milk, or putting them in creamy sweet chocolate. It’s the only way to make them taste a bit better.

As you can probably tell, I’m no fan of Oreos. I would sooner lick a house brick than eat those revolting cookies. 

However, mixing them in with Cadbury has improved the taste. Just about. 

The creamy filling is quite nice and that also helps make the Oreo cookies more bearable too.

The name of this bar is also quite misleading. It’s called big taste, but I really can’t see how Oreo is a big taste. It isn’t. 

Maybe it got the name because it’s a big bar of chocolate. 300g is pretty big. Although 400g or 500g would have been better. 

I would recommend this for those who enjoy Oreo and also love Cadbury. For you guys this is a marriage made in heaven. I suspect that most of you would be American and not British. After all, we have far better cookies and biscuits to enjoy. If you don’t really like Oreo, then this is definitely not for you and I suggest you stay well clear of it. Luckily there are 2 other flavours to try.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Toffee Wholenut and Cadbury Dairy Milk Big Taste Triple Chocolate. And they are also 300g.

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Poppets Chocolate Toffee Bag

25 Oct


Milk chocolate with a chewy toffee filling.



Do you remember Poppets toffees or mint creams coming in little boxes when you were a kid? I do. They were a fun treat. 

The small ones were about 40g.

According to dear old Wiki, they were introduced in 1939!

It’s good to see they are still around after all these years.

They’re made by Paynes who are owned by Fox’s Confectionery (as in Fox’s Glacier Mints, or Fox’s Biscuits).

They still come in the traditional boxes, but they now also come in these great bags too.

Popular for cinema goers, because you can eat them easily in the dark. I guess you can enjoy them now at home watching a movie on your t.v. 

or favourite device (laptop, tablet or phone).


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