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Valentine’s Day Chocolates

5 Feb
Here are some great chocolate gift boxes I have this Valentine’s Day.
Ferrero Rocher Heart Gift Boxes.
A whole hazelnut in a milk chocolate cream and wrapped in a milk chocolate and nut croquant.
Individually wrapped.
16 in a gift box. 200g.

A lovely Valentine’s Day present
Cadbury Milk Tray Heart Gift box.
An assortment of chocolates including Orange Truffle, Hazelnut Caress, Caramel Heart, Fudge Dream and Strawberry Kiss.
Available in both large 150g and small 50g.
A very romantic little box of chocolates!

‘All because the lady loves Milk Tray
Guylian Heart Gift Box.
Guylian gift box is filled with it’s famous delicious hazelnut praline seashell chocolates.
The ultimate gift for someone you love!
Lindt Lindor Heart Gift box.
A heart shaped box with milk chocolate truffles filled a smooth centre. 108g. 17 tuffles for your Valentine’s Day sweetheart.
(Plus a little chocolate surprise heart!)
A fantastic selection of gift boxes either in heart shapes or with hearts on.
And if you think that’s great, then visit my shop for even more gift boxes to choose from for your Valentine this year.