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Poppets Chocolate Toffee Bag

25 Oct


Milk chocolate with a chewy toffee filling.



Do you remember Poppets toffees or mint creams coming in little boxes when you were a kid? I do. They were a fun treat. 

The small ones were about 40g.

According to dear old Wiki, they were introduced in 1939!

It’s good to see they are still around after all these years.

They’re made by Paynes who are owned by Fox’s Confectionery (as in Fox’s Glacier Mints, or Fox’s Biscuits).

They still come in the traditional boxes, but they now also come in these great bags too.

Popular for cinema goers, because you can eat them easily in the dark. I guess you can enjoy them now at home watching a movie on your t.v. 

or favourite device (laptop, tablet or phone).


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