Easter Chocolate Mini Eggs

5 Mar

Here is a selection of Easter chocolate mini eggs I sell on my website:

Cadbury Creme Egg Minis.


Mini milk chocolate eggs with fondant centres.
The fun little creme eggs with gooey white and yellow filling that looks like real eggs.


Cadbury Assorted Minis.
cadbury mixed mini eggs
An assortment of Cadbury Mini Eggs.
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mini Eggs,
Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Mini Eggs
and Cadbury Creme Mini Eggs.

A bag full of Easter fun!


Cadbury Creme Egg Splats.
Milk chocolates with fondant centres.
A bag full of splatty shaped bitesized pieces of creme egg.
‘Yummy goo on the go!’


Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Minis.
caramel mini eggs
Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate mini eggs with soft

golden caramel centres.

‘Relax with Cadbury Caramel!’


Cadbury Mini Eggs.

cadbury mini eggs large
Mini brightly coloured eggs with smooth milk chocolate centres .
Fun little eggs that are ideal for

Easter egg hunts,

Easter baking or

just eat and enjoy!

Available in different size packs!

Ferrero Eggs Cocoa.
Mini eggs made from fine chocolate and fine milk chocolate covered wafer with cocoa filling.
Ferrero Rocher for Easter.

Galaxy Caramel Mini Eggs.
Smooth Galaxy milk chocolate mini eggs with

soft golden caramel fillings.

Kinder Mini Eggs.
kinder mini eggs
Mini milk chocolate eggs with a milky hazelnut centre.
Fun little chocolate eggs for all those who love Kinder!

MaltEaster Mini Bunnies.
malteaster mini bunnies2
Milk chocolate bunnies with a crunchy honeycomb and creamy malt Maltesers centre.
Individually wrapped mini bunnies.
‘Happy Easter from Malteser.’

Not exactly mini eggs but still delicious!

Milkybar Mini Eggs.
milkybar mini eggs
White chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell.

Delicious white chocolate mini eggs for Easter!


Smarties Mini Eggs.
smarties mini eggs
Milk chocolate mini eggs in a crisp sugar shell.
‘Join the fun with Smarties!’


easter egg_thanksgiving point


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